Tip for Preparing Matcha

Have you made a bowl of Matcha at home? Has your matcha gotten lumpy? 

A friend of mine working at a tea company in Kyoto gave me a tip about making Matcha without lump: that is, adding a bit of water.
1.Put some Matcha into a bowl. (about 1.5 to 2 tea scoops for one bowl).
2.Add a bit of water (not hot water) over the tea and knead them with a tea whisk.

3.Then pour hot water into the bowl and whisk it until it’s ready.

 Please do remember this is OK for you to prepare Matcha at home. It will never ever be done at a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. 

One more thing. Matcha doesn't have to be frothy. It really depends on the school. Urasenke school considers tea with bubble better while Omotesenke school doesn't. Omotesenke tries not to make the tea frothy.  (ref: Omotesenke needs 1.5 tea scoops of tea while Urasenke does 2 tea scoops of tea) 

Either way, this is worth trying!


How to make "CHASEN (tea whisk)"

This is the way of making CHASEN (tea whisk).  
You will see Japanese master craftsmanship! Don't miss it!

* You Tube: Takayama tea whisk

* FYR, see the blog written on January, 2011


"Kyakudo" = soil improvement

---- To add fertile soil or soil from the different area into tea farm to improve the soil.

I’ve learned this word recently from a farmer that I know. Kyakudo literally means “guest soil” in Japanese. What an interesting word! It maybe natural for farmers to prepare good soil, but I re-recognize that “tea is not produced in a day”, and should appreciate their efforts.

doing kyakudo from Wazuka Black Tea Co.,Ltd

* Website; Wazuka Black Tea Co.,Ltd (KYOTO)  http://www.wazukakoucha.com/